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DJ Priore Biography


When I was nineteen years old, my DJ career began. I was asked by a friend to be her date for her senior prom. While there, I was intrigued by the DJs ability to keep the party going. It looked like so much fun. So, I walk over to him and asked if I could start working for him to learn the business. Thus, a new entertainer was born. In college, I took my DJ skills to the world of weddings. I not only worked for the gentlemen that I met at the prom, but also for a company called Elegant Ensembles. I used all my knowledge of all genres of music as a tool to get the crowd dancing and having fun. Since every crowd is different, I learned how to read the audience and get them dancing. By age 23, with some experience and wisdom, I decided to start my own company. Eighteen years later, we are still going strong. As the DJ for school dances, proms, weddings, mitzvahs and other special events. I’ve learned that all events are unique and have developed a personal approach to each event our company provides entertainment for.